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Guangzhou Xueba Special Equipment Co., Ltd. (Shifeng) is located in Dagang Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou City. Since 2000, the company, a rare professional enterprise engaged in nonstandard automatic filling equipment in China, has accumulated valuable experiences in the development and production of intelligent automatic filling line, and formed unique product style. The company is capable of developing and producing equipment in all links of whole filling line, and has strong production support capacity. With diversified product varieties and complete product types and specifications, the company has produced various supporting production lines for seasoning, sauce, beverage, healthcare products, pharmacy and cosmetics, and becomes a designated product support provider of multiple well-known enterprises. Products of the company are popular both at home and abroad.


XueBa equipment's three major brands


Ceramic pump dedicated trademark

XueBa Electric

Automatic filling production line dedicated trademark


Minicomputer dedicated trademark aluminum foil sealing machine


It concentrated the community for our awards and recognition

Development path

Enterprise development and brand building of the course

  • Companies to expand long-term development of enterprises registered in 2015 set up a "Guangzhou Xueba Special Equipment Co.,Ltd." and to apply for registration "SFXB- XueBa" trademark, to enable enterprises to more sophisticated manufacturing more professional direction.

    2015 Year
  • 2009 Year

    2009 was "the most growth potential of enterprises."

  • 2008 year won the "Top Ten Technology Innovation Award."

    2008 Year
  • 2007 Year

    2007 year won the "Top Ten pharmaceutical packaging equipment brands."

  • Founded in 2005 for the general taxpayer, "Guangzhou Shifeng Electric Co., Ltd.".

    2005 Year
  • 2003 Year

    August 27, 2003 to apply for registration "World peak electrical" trademark, November 28, 2005 approved.

  • September 9, 2004 we pass a comprehensive IS09001-2000 international quality system certification.

    2004 Year
  • 2004 Year

    In 2004 the company strategic transformation from workshop production methods into modern management as the basis for the development of innovation and driving force of the new enterprise, that "uphold the superior technique, across the pinnacle of the world," the bold slogan to inspire business innovation and development, through nearly a decade of unremitting efforts, we have been fully capable of producing all types of linear automatic filling production line series, complete with bottle - filling - Capping - sealing - equipment manufacturers all aspects of labeling, is a mechanical design , electrical design, innovative industrial design capabilities of intelligent electronic automated manufacturing enterprises.

  • 2003 year development and production of QG series pneumatic piston filling machine, during which shared the seven national patents.

    2003 Year
  • 2002 Year

    2002 year development and production of GLF-2100 as the representative automatic aluminum foil sealing machine.

  • 2001 year development and production of GLF-1200 as the representative of desktop aluminum foil sealing machine.

    2001 Year
  • 2000 Year

    2000 year development and production of GLF-500 as the representative manual aluminum foil induction sealing machine.

Company Capability

Product testing and quality control